Peyroux, Madeleine - Bare Bones (special)

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The fourth and latest release by this American singer (and here singer/songwriter) who channels Americana / classic standards, and most surprisingly for such a young woman, bears a remarkable vocal resemblance to Billie Holliday while still obviously not being Billie or trying to be Billie. Sometimes, real talent rises to the top - even in this American Idol age - and I'd say Peyroux definitely deserves her acclaim. She's quite popular, especially for her interpretations of standards, but this was the album where she flexed her writing muscles (and co-writing muscles - she gets great help from Walter Becker of Steely Dan), and she can afford to hire the best musicians, all of whom support her excellently: Larry Goldings-organ, Jim Beard-piano, Carla Kihlstedt-violin, Dean Parks-guitar, Larry Klein-bass (and production and the man who produced and played on many of Joni Mitchell's classics)and Vinnie Colaiuta-drums.
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