Phideaux - Snowtorch (mini-lp sleeve)

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"Another weird conceptual album from Phideaux Xavier and cohorts. This time the album is basically one long song with many twists and turns. A long form composition extolling the virtues of DNA and life and culture. Gorgeous melodies, heavy instrumental passages and thoughtful surreal lyrics."

Phideaux Xavier has been releasing interesting, modern symphonic rock/progressive albums for a while now. This is his eighth album, released in a lovely, gatefold mini-lp sleeve, and like the well received "Number Seven", he has a huge band band (10 musicians, including himself) plus two guests. I saw them about 3 months ago and it was a fine show. His stage presence was excellent and the music was an impressive show of proggy music that didn't sound old and had its own strong vision and showed a lot of class. Good singing and fine playing from everyone, with great, well thought out touches throughout. If you had to compare it to anyone of the 'old school', I guess you could compare it JUST a bit to Genesis, but like I said, it has its own vision. Engaging and enjoyable and smart.

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