Phillips, Anthony - Archive Collection Volume II 2 x CDs (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"Archive Collection Volume II is the second vault release from Anthony Phillips following Archive Collection Volume I in 1998. Compiled by Anthony Phillips and Jonathan Dann it is a 2 CD selection of previously unheard pieces and variations recorded between 1971-1988."

Anthony Phillips / guitars, keyboards, vocals
Chris Stewart / drums
Mike Rutherford / guitars
John Silver / drums
Andy McCulloch / drums
Richard Scott / drummachine
Michael Giles / drums
John G. Perry / bass
Joji Hirota / percussion
Jeff Dunne / drums
Martin Drover / flugelhorn

"In a year that sees new releases and concerts from all (former) members of Genesis who are still active in the music business, Anthony Phillips does not make an exception. There are no live performances (last year, however, he released his third “live in the studio” CD) and it seems we will have have some patience until Private Parts & Pieces XI: Field Day is released. But the double CD that was released on May 17, 2002 does not only sweeten the waiting time for Anthony Phillips fans, but it is of great historical and musical interest for all fans of the early Genesis years. Volume II of the Archive Collection continues the third CD series in Ant’s discography (volume I was released in 1998; the other series are Private Parts & Pieces and Missing Links). Ant stated that this new CD would be more homogenous than volume I regarding sound quality and the attribution of songs to different periods. Ant recommends listening to the CDs in two sessions rather than in one go. 36 songs on two discs (with two suites of three and eight pieces) add up to a colourful image that deserves a closer look. Some of the compositions on these CDs date back to the early days of Genesis. The oldest recording, however, is from 1971. A special focus is on eight recordings from 1973, three pieces from the Sides period, four songs from a 1979 Library project, five pieces from the Invisible Men sessions and as a sensational add-on, the first official releases from the context of the Alice musical. There is no material from 1975, 1985 to 1987 and the time after 1988’s Tarka project. Nine pieces were mixed especially for this release."
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