Phillips, Anthony - Private Parts and Pieces VI: Ivory Moon (special)

Anthony Phillips was the original guitarist with Genesis and he was also an important part of the band in terms of their compositions in the early days (up to Trespass).

"This is Anthony Phillips' first solo piano album (he made a second one a few years ago, called Soiree), and it is one of his best solo albums. Maybe Genesis fans, and even Anthony Phillips fans, don't buy easily an all piano album, but the record consists of strong compositions. The style I would decribe as chamber music. Intimate, delicate music, without fast playing and no emotional outbursts. The emotions are subtle. The record sounds gentle, though never dull. All the compositions on the album are good, even the bonus track. No mediocrity when it comes to the compositions! References to classical composers? That is a difficult question. I cannot find any strong similarities to wll known classical composers. What I can say: the record has some romantic / impressionist influences, but there is something "English" in it, but it's hard to put the finger on it. Also echoes of Genesis are to be heard, especially in the second part of Basking Shark. If you look at the last song, which wasn't on the original LP, but was added on the later CD release, you see that it's called "Let Us Now Make Love", and maybe you remember that there was a track like that on the first Genesis Archive Box (Vol. I: 1967 - 1975). This is the same track, but on solo piano, and it is wonderful even without the vocals. If you can picture that, you have a bit of an idea how the album sounds. If you're an explorative prog fan, and you like Anthony Phillips, and you think you may like a solo piano album, then I would strongly recommend you this album, because of the strength of its wonderful compositions. The Suite Sea - Dogs Motoring is the strongest track, but all the tracks have the ability to grow on you."
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