Phillips, Glenn - Echoes: The Hampton Grease Band, My Life, My Music and How I Stopped Having Panic Attacks 218 page book + CD + DVD (due to weight, this price for the USA only)

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"Phillips' account of growing up wild in the acid-age South is compelling and poignant." – David Fricke for MOJO Magazine

This is a memoir by Glenn, with a lot of it devoted to the Hamptons, as well as his subsequent career, as well as some interesting (and possibly even helpful) bits about his psychological state.

Plus his first new solo album in 16 years, entitled The Dark Parade, which features:
Glenn Phillips – guitars, keyboards, bass
Bill Rea – bass
Mike Holbrook – bass
John Boissiere – drums

Plus a live DVD celebrating the 40th anniversary of his first (and classic) solo album Lost At Sea which features a reunion of the band that played on that album!

NOTE: This edition, which is autographed, is not the same edition as on Amazon, etc, which does NOT include the CD and DVD extras and is currently available only from Glenn himself and from us.

“For nearly fifty years, guitarist Glenn Phillips has been making music that defies classification. First with the Hampton Grease Band, and later as a prolific solo artist and active contributor to the works of others, Atlanta-based Phillips has continued to confound those who would apply labels to his music. And now with the release of a triple-package – a book, a CD and a DVD – Phillips extends his genre-blurring approach to three distinctly different media.
The centerpiece of Phillips’ latest efforts is a memoir, Echoes: The Hampton Grease Band, My Life, My Music and How I Stopped Having Panic Attacks. Right from the book’s title, Phillips makes clear that he’s going in multiple directions. Echoes tracks his musical career from the 1960s to present day, but it also digs deep into personal, non-musical topics that have inevitably affected the course of that career. And the bit about the panic attacks is the thread that runs through the narrative, connecting the beginning and the end of Phillips’ book in tidy fashion.
Self-published books often have a reputation – one that’s well-deserved – for being self-indulgent, poorly put-together and generally lacking in quality control. None of those criticisms apply to Echoes. Clearly Phillips has crafted his book with the same care he brings to his album productions. In fact the book’s imprint is Snow Star Publishing, essentially the same entity that he has used to release nearly all of his albums since his 1975 debut, Lost at Sea.
Echoes opens with a quick few words about Phillips’ medically related panic attack in 2013, one that – it initially seemed at the time – was something far more serious and life-threatening. Phillips makes the point that because of the effect the experience had upon him (and his wife), he made the decision to get to the root of the problem and make sure it didn’t happen again.
It didn’t, and as Phillips eventually explains, it was pretty much determination and the force of his will that led to his freedom from panic attacks. Not once in the pages of Echoes does he mention having gotten involved in therapy. Instead, he seems to have figured things out on his own.
Not that Phillips adopts any kind of anti-psychology perspective. Nor does he spike the ball in the end zone (so to speak) and make outsize claims about how he triumphed over his lifelong problem. And he steers well clear of making pronouncements as to how his readers might improve their own lives. Echoes simply isn’t that kind of book.
In fact, for much of its highly readable 200-plus pages, Phillips’ memoir is just that: a first-person narrative that traces his life and music from childhood (with friend and classmate Bruce Hampton and other future and frequent collaborators) to the 21st century. Phillips’ writing style is clear, concise and possessing of enough forthrightness and emotional content to both ring true and connect with readers.”-StompAndStammer
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