Phlox - Talu

The world is a big, surprising place, but it still probably comes as a shock to many folks to learn that one of the absolute greatest jazz/rock bands performing today is from Tallinn, Estonia!
Long awaited - at least by me as well as a number of folks here - new album by this Estonian jazz rock group. They perform in classic style jazz rock (think Weather Report crossed with early Passport with guitars, or a better take on Perigeo, if you want to be more obscure) but who give it enough of their own personality that you won't think that this is from the 70s. Despite being from a small country and being a unknown group, for me, this challenges almost anything else being made today. All instrumental. Highly recommended!
Kalle Klein: Saxophone
Raivo Prooso: Bass
Pearu Helenurm: Keyboards
Kristo Roots: Guitar
Madis Zilmer: Drums
Allan Prooso: Percussion
Vambola Krigul: Vibraphone
Maarja Nuut: Violin
Liis Jürgens: Harp
Ramo Teder: Flute
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Stuck it in the player w/out real high expectations... cover looks like you might be in for some kind of ethnic folk record w/ female vocals... DON'T BE FOOLED. The Perigeo reference above is on target. Who would know that records in a Soft Machine 5 vein, (in this case w/ some very cool guitar work) could still be made without sounding derivative to a fault. This one doesn't...definitely one of the best scores of the year.
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Great fusion indeed! For fans of One Shot. The guitar/keyboard interplay is top notch.
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Great fusion.
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