Phlox - Vali

The world is a big, surprising place, but it still probably comes as a shock to many folks to learn that one of the absolute greatest jazz/rock bands performing today is from Tallinn, Estonia!

Phlox has been recording and playing for over a dozen years and it shows! This is their fifth album and their first live album; it was recorded and broadcast live over Estonian Classical radio on April 25, 2012 and is a very high quality live recording in front of a small, invited audience.

Most of the tracks (5 out of 7) are new tracks and are not different versions from previous albums, so whether or not you like or don't like live albums is sort of beside the point; this is their new album, filled with new works and just tearing it up, without any overdubs and without a safety net.

They have many fine attributes, but one of the things I like best about them is that they take the classic Weather Report/Perigeo sound and kick it squarely 40 years forward, because they aren't afraid to add noisier elements as well.

The personnel is same as their last one: Kalle Klein-saxophone, Raivo Prooso-bass, Pearu Helenurm-keyboards, Kristo Roots-guitar, Madis Zilmer-drums, Allan Prooso-percussion and everyone plays with both fire and sensitivity. Hugely recommended; if you even suspect that you need this, then you absolutely DO need this!

Here is a great clip of one of the songs from this album; yes the show was also filmed!!

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