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This is 3 of the old PdP members (keyboardist/vocalist Aldo De Scalzi now playing electric bass and keyboards as well as singing. guitarist Paolo Griguolo and drummer Aldo di Marco, who gave up music many years ago for work in computers and who provides the video effects that appeared as the backdrop for the concert, but which don't really pertain to the audio experience on the CD) combined with Yugen (2 keyboardists, additional guitar, clarinet and sax and drums) doing tracks mostly from the first album, with one track each from Abbiamo Tutti and Camere. Also included is a studio recording that was recorded at the same time as Abbiamo, but which didn't appear on that album! For me, the fact that Aldo is singing means that this is Picchio; PdP had many great attributes, but Aldo's singing is what made the band immediately identifiable in a blindfold test. So, perhaps the beginning of a new story for this great group? Or maybe just a small souvenir of a one-time event many years later. In any event, it's nice to have this!

"Two apparently different stories meet and, as it happens in these cases, random occasions create a new one. Picchio dal Pozzo and Yûgen both belong to «borderline» music which, due to its own nature, is really hard to label and perhaps therefore, more fascinating. In March 2007 Picchio dal Pozzo and Yûgen meet for the first time in Genoa. PdP has a very long history, with four albums and a large experience on it’s shoulders. Yûgen has published his first cd only some months ago and having now the first live approach. Certainly the matching is not accidental, because both groups lived directly (PdP) or recover (Yûgen) Rock in Opposition’s message; and more: each one, in its own way, filters and gives a different interpretation of contemporary music, progressive rock, improvisation, Frank Zappa and goodness knows what. What could we expect from such an union? Surely they’ll move heaven and earth – music without frontiers and, why not?, a certain way of «entertainment» outside the rules. This cd offers the recordings of a concert which took place on the 16th of November 2008 closing AltrOck Festival 2008."
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Ok, so you have heard most of the songs in here...but the whole concert is super entertaining because it is not played exactly like the studio sessions and little differences in all songs sure kept my attention all the way through this concert. Scalzi still sings like an angel and just to hear him again is worth the entrance ticket IMHO. Also the never heard track is VERY good. Grab it if you are a PDP fan or a new comer who wishes to have a sample of this 'goose bump and hair raising' band.
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