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Classic and unusual 'avant-garde + soft progressive' release that really is quite unusual and distinctive! Numbered edition of 500.

"Adapting their name from the famous song cycle by Arnold Schoenberg, one would have expected their first album to have been influenced by 20th century classical music. In fact, most of it is pleasant folk-rock, with a medieval classical touch in the instrumental arrangements. Their music was fluent, with frequent use of acoustic guitars, mandolin, piano and organ."-Scented Gardens Of The Mind

An original mix of soft progressive and avantgarde atmospheres is the distinctive sound of Pierrot Lunaire, highly regarded among foreign collectors though not particularly representative of the Italian prog. The group was based in Rome, and initially formed by close friends Gaio Chiocchio and Vincenzo Caporaletti (who came from Roseto, Abruzzo) who later recruited keyboardist Arturo Stalteri. All the three members were classically trained and still in their teens when their first LP was released in 1974.
The first, Pierrot Lunaire, contains 12 songs, with acoustic atmospheres mainly based on guitars and keyboards, soft, dreamy and intriguing."-italianprog.com
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