Pineapple Thief - Little Man

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“Pineapple Thief are a band that has improved with each successive release. "Little Man" from 2008 continues in a style similar to Radiohead meets Porcupine Tree, but the band also continue to forge their own direction as well.
This is not uplifting music, but rather intense and depressing. I am told that the concept of the album was based on the death of band leader Bruce Sword's child at birth a few years ago. If this is indeed the case it makes the material here that much more poignant. The album is moody and dark although it also rocks quite heavily in spots. The band continues to use interesting electronics and keyboards to spice up the material. The original albums that the band did for the Cyclops label all had rather muddy sound, but this is improved greatly on the re-master. Fans of Radiohead and / or Porcupine Tree should find a lot to enjoy from this underappreciated outfit.”
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