Pinhas, Richard - De l'un et du Multiple

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This 1996 album, for solo guitar and processing album was Richard's first all-new solo album after his 'retirement' in the 1980s (if you don't include 1992's DWW, which I am not including, because it was mostly the unreleased follow-up to L'Ethique, recorded in 1982), recorded and released before his big string of new titles for Cuneiform, which I am very happy to say continue to this day.

It was released only in France on Spalax, and truthfully, I don't remember why it wasn't something that Cuneiform did, but it is one of the very, very few albums he has recorded that we didn't either issue or reissue.

It's similar in spirit to Event & Repetition, but several years earlier. With the demise of Spalax, it's been out of print for ages, but we found some and here they are at a reasonable price, if you missed this the first time.
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