Pinhas, Richard - L'Ethique

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During a fairly incredible 7 year run that began in the mid 1970s,
Richard Pinhas released a large string of influencial albums; 7 by Heldon and 5 under his own name, all of which attempted in one way or another to meld (avant-garde) rock music with electronics. L'Ethique was his final release of that 12, recorded in 1981 and originally released in 1982. It was his final solo album before his musical retirement throughout the 1980s and it's one of his great 'classic period' works.

It also features the only studio recordings by the short-lived Richard Pinhas Band. This group featured a great cast of musicians who had all previously played in Magma: Clement Bailly (drums), Patrick Gauthier (synthesizer) (also of Heldon and Weidorje), Bernard Paganotti (bass) (also of Weidorje) and Richard on electronics, synthesizers and guitar.

L'Ethique has been unavailable on CD for several years and with the huge interest in analog electronics and the early days of synthesis, Richard's career in general and the music of Magma, it was definitely time to make this available again.

You can hear a track from the album here

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