PinioL - Bran Couccou CD

SKU Dur et Doux 022
Antoine Arnera - Keyboard, vocals
Boris Cassone - Bass, vocals
Guilhem Meier - Drums, vocals
Anthony Béard - Guitar, vocals
François Mignot - Guitar, vocals
Benoit Lecomte - Bass, vocals
Jean Joly - Drums

What happens when you take two of France's great young bands and you smoosh them together? You get greatness smooshily intensified! Wild, fun and original; don't let anyone tell you that great quirky rock music isn't being made any longer!

"PinioL is the union of two inbred quirks PoiL and Ni. An hideous monster who is afraid of nothing."
  • LabelDur et Doux
  • UPC3760231764139
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