Pink Fairies - Finland Freakout 1971 (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Surprisingly fine quality recording (while still sounding loud and distorted as all get out - like it should) of the Pink Fairies in their heavy, heavy early 1970's prime. If the stuff there were playing here 50 years ago wasn't the blueprint for 'stoner rock', I can't imagine what was!

“Wow! We didn't expect this one, did we, PF fans! This is one of those wonderfully crafty albums which takes you by surpise rather like the outsider flying up and snatching the winner's cup from the odds-on favourite - where HAS this fine recording been buried for more than three decades? Well, thankfully, it's not some hand-held-cassette-recorder-in-the-crowd pile of mush; it was recorded for The Finnish Broadcasting Company on Saturday 21st August 1971 at the Ruisrock Festival, Turku, Finland; so, and bear in mind the age of the original tape here, IT IS rather an extraordinarily good recording - well, I'd put it alongside any BBC recording from the same era, so with that yardstick as guidance then it ain't half bad, man!”-Alan Burridge

"New discovery – a previously un-released live recording of the Pink Fairies. Psychedelic Grunge on acid from the powerful trio Recorded by Finnland State Radio at the Turku Festival in 1971 Fully authorized by the band. Great quality - straight from the original radio station master tape archives in Finland. 12-page booklet includes previously un-seen photos and liner notes from the band.
Playing on the second day at the 1971 Ruisrock festival in Turku, Northern Finland, the Fairies were selected as one of the few bands recorded at the festival by the Finland national state radio station. The Pink Fairies now a three-piece band-following the departure of Twink, comprised: Paul Rudoplh-guitar, Russell Hunter-drums and Duncan Sanderson-bass and they pack an almighty punch-delivering a freight train wall of sound, full of psychedelic noise, riffs and energy.
This one hour set comprises four huge acid/pysch live classic songs which lift-off into the Finland stratosphere, including a 21 minute sonic blast of their signature tune ‘Uncle Harry’s Last Freakout’."
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