Pink Floyd - London 1966/1967 DVD

In 1967 there was a film released called "Tonite Let's All Make Love In London" about the swinging London scene. It included film footage of the Pink Floyd's very first recording session from very late '66 I believe, mixed with footage of them from the legendary '14 Hour Technicolor Dream' psyh-extravaganza of April 1967, and this footage and these recordings are not available anywhere else! This is the footage from that film, which is almost 30' of music and features Instellar Overdrive (16:46) and an improvisation entitled Nick's Boogie (11:50), as well as excerpts from the film, such as interviews with Mick Jagger (and, no, he doesn't weigh in on Syd's greatness). I am happy that there is finally an improvisation by the early Floyd on CD; based on my conversations with folks who saw them in the early day, they did a lot of improvising (hmmm...maybe those double bills with AMM really weren't out of character after all) and this component of their early days seems to have been left out of their history, until now! If like me you have to have everything that Syd did with the Floyd, this is a worthy purchase; and as we all know, the earlier the better with Syd, as this is long before the drugs took their toll...
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