Pinski Zoo - After Image 2 x CDs

Pinski Zoo celebrate 25 years of kicking down the barriers and sticking doggedly out for individualism with a new double album - "After Image" - is a collection of live tracks from tours between 2003 - 2005, mixing their new material with classic updated versions. Pinski's Zoo's best and most representative album to date. With more interest today in music outside the box, the full impact of these UK originators of free funk,/power jazz (however it's described) Is captured on 2 cd's of music with their twin bass propelled rhythm section and the expressive, energetic freedom that live takes bring to the recording. The true UK originals of free funk or power fusion… it what you like this cult-like band are almost impossible to categorize - they swing from virtuosic jazz to gritty funk with freedom and movement, veering into leftfield territory and snap back into grand melody without blinking. A highly potent and controversial force on the late 80’s /90’s UK jazz scene with a unique fusion sound, they foreshadowed later styles, and were linked with harmolodic outfits, such as Ornette Coleman’s Prime Time."
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