Pirog, Anthony - tm

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“This is a solo / noise guitar recording”

A side of Anthony that DC folks know but folks who only know his records haven’t heard. I first encountered him in DC at the late, lamented Sonic Circuits shows, playing closer to this...!!

"Both solo and as a member of many groups (including The Messthetics and Janel & Anthony), Anthony Pirog is a wide-ranging guitarist, capable of solid rock riffs, free-flying improv, and all kinds of textural experiments. But he’s rarely been as all-out noisy as on tm, which is seven tracks of nuclear-bomb dissonance. It’s as if Pirog needed to clear out some creative cobwebs by blasting them all with dynamite. Each piece hurtles forward and then slams to a stop before the next speeds away again. As with the best noise, once you’ve been inside tm for a while, all the cacophony might start to feel oddly calm—the main thrill, though, still comes from Pirog’s full commitment to cleansing noise."
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  • UPC798576085391
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