Pitsiokos, Chris - Gordian Twine

Chris Pitsiokos - sax, compositions
Max Johnson - bass
Kevin Shea - drums
"Chris Pitsiokos' (b. 1990) debut album as a leader spans the gamut of his compositional output, employing through-composed material, tunes, charts, open forms, and new ways of composition and interaction he has developed over the past three years. Joined by two of New York's most exciting creative musicians--Kevin Shea and Max Johnson--Pitsiokos has composed intensely personal material catered to the individual voices of the musicians involved.
Sonically, the material ranges from the demonic velocities of 'Atropos' to the melodic simplicity of 'Lachesis,' the tidal wave force of 'Prologue' and 'Epilogue,' the wit and athleticism of 'Clotho,' and the abstract pointillism of 'Lethe' and 'Dissolution.'
Chris Pitsiokos is one of New York's most daring and versatile creative musicians. This far-reaching album is only a small slice of the range of his creative output: his project with Philip White combines Merzbow-esque noise with saxophone technique that pushes the instrument beyond recognition; Weasel Walter and Chirs have a long standing duo (two records to date) that combines elements of New Complexity into their freely improvised forms; and a new project with Lydia Lunch occupies the space between noise music and spoken word, yet has the immediacy and impact of rock.
Chris is still taking the first steps in what will be an exciting career, and the impact of this first album of his composed work is sure to be felt deeply within the new music community in the US and abroad. Recorded live at the Firehouse Space in Brooklyn, Gordian Twine is uncut, raw, and not for the faint of heart. The sweat pouring down the faces of the musicians can be felt in this artifact, and the vitality, chemistry, and brutality of the performance is reminiscent of '70s loft jazz, while the content is far from being derivative."
  • LabelNew Atlantis
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