Placebo - 1973 CD (mini-lp sleeve)

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Japanese-only CD release of the second album (of three) by this now quite legendary and retroactively hip Belgian jazz/rock band! There have been compilations out of their work before, but this is the first time that their albums have been legitimately released in full on CD.

Marc Moulin was a Belgian keyboardist/producer who has had great success and influence as a electro-pop star with Telex in the early 1980s and now as someone who has had a lot of samples used and done production for newer dance music. In the early 1970s, he had a jazz/rock band called Placebo, which mixed more accessible sounds (still in the jazz/rock vein) with serious Canterbury stylings; one of the tracks actually was a tribute to Soft Machine and the over-all sound is like a more groove-oriented Nucleus. This was originally released in 1973.
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