Planeta Imaginario - Biomasa

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Planeta Imaginario are a terrific 8 piece jazz/rock band who have been in existance since 1999. This is their second album and the first to be released outside of their native Spain. The band features keyboards (Fender Rhodes, Hammond organ, piano and synthesizer), trombone, two saxists on alto and tenor, trumpet, guitar, fretless bass and drums. This is a band who know how to write a great tune and how to arrange that tune in a way to bring out all it has to offer and how to leave room for the individual musicians to contribute to it, both in terms of ensemble work and in their solos! They have a distinctive and attractive Mediterranean sound; you certainly can hear echoes of other jazz/rock bands in their work (Chick Corea's Spanish-tinged fusion works, Gilgamesh, the instrumental sections by Hatfield and the North, a less guitar-oriented Iceberg and Musica Urbana come easiest to mind), but they really don't sound like anyone else and this is a very exciting release from a great band that we think will be receiving a lot of attention as soon as people hear this album.

"This group has GREAT compositions and arrangements.... This may not explain the much deeper music and originality that i heard in this very fine disc. Even though the previous references are true one can not help to think that this group has gone a step further in the genre as the music they composed and played here is quite theirs. Elements of mediterranean music are also present as well as a fusion (think of 70s jazz rock groups) influences. They come up with their own brew which is a kind of 'positive' and vibrant style of jazz rock with prog elements. All i can say is that's it's been a while since i enjoyed a cd so much. The group has bass, guitar, drums, keys and wind instruments played by mostly unknown (to me) musicians. Recommended to fans of Phil Miller's In Cahoots, Hugh Hopper's Frangloband, Soft Machine, Miles, etc."-M. Hiraldo

"Fine arrangements...of interesting and intelligent compositions, excellently played – these are fine musicians...impressive..."-Chris Cutler

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