Planets - Planets CDEP (in handmade packaging)

Stupendous bass and drums duo taking the "Ruins" esthetic and doing even more with it. They are touring with Ahleuchatistas in July, which is how we heard about them. Short, fast, dynamic and different!

"Planets is a dynamic bass and drums duo based out of Napa, California. Their math-rock sound is fun, complex, energetic, and at times overwhelming. The band has been described as "A more complex and noisy SWIMS (whom Paul Slack also plays bass for) with faster, and more stop-on-a-dime drum work." They are known to have exquisite live shows, where each member strips down to a white spandex suit, which make them resemble some sort of phantom or ghost. They normally have some sort of psychedelic type video as the backdrop and while watching. Limited edition release in a beautiful handmade packaging in cloth sleeve."

"If Planets become any sort of trendsetters, we are in for quite an alarming/awesome/mind-boggling year."-AbsolutePunk

"Most of the songs are the kind of skittering riff farms to which any fan of Dysrhythmia, Upsilon Acrux or Ahleuchatistas would be attuned."-Difficult Music

You can hear their music here

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