Plastic People of the Universe - Maska Za Maskou

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"The Plastic People of the Universe are back with a new album entitled Maska za maskou [The Mask behind the Mask], their first release in nearly a decade, and the first written since the death of their previous lead songwriter Milan “Mejla” Hlavsa. The group are absolute legends of the Czech rock underground, and it was their imprisonment by the communist authorities which famously sparked the Charter 77 protest movement. But while they may now feature in modern history books, the Plastic People always insisted they just wanted to be allowed to play their music – and since 1989 have been more or less a regular gigging band. Their guitarist and songwriter Joe Karafiat had this to say about the new album. 'On the previous albums Mejla Hlavsa, who died in 2001, was the main composer of all the songs and everything… when he died it was really hard to replace his songwriting. He was a really great songwriter. So the difference is that this new CD The Mask behind the Mask is our work, these are our songs, our arrangements, so there is a bit of a difference. We went to a really good studio, we could use really top gear. But we still have that underground sound. We like Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart stuff, so…it’s modern and it’s not modern.'
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Excellent release from 2009,and produced in a real studio too! The clarity in production really makes it a joy to be able to hear and appreciate each band member's talents....some new sounds are added to the proceedings also. But the old PPU is in fine evidence ,so don't fear. This is the more "rock" PPU ,so expect fine guitar solos,...and wild sax too. New bassist Eva Turnova adds well to the mix with her vocals...lightening the proceedings nicely at times. The whole album ends with a track that would have been perfectly at home on their classic Egon Bond's album. Over all a nicely varied and powerful set ,that may even be a good introduction to what this band can achieve.(?) Comeing this late in their career,...I'd say that says a lot for the band itself! Long may they play!
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