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An excellent (and funny!) young, modern, French trio who put on a wonderful performance (even before they hit the stage!) at the RIO fest in 2013 and this is a band that fan of modern, interesting music should be aware of! Wild, entertaining, noisy and with really great, unexpected touches everywhere! Interestingly, their drummer is also in the superb French/Ethiopian band, Ukandanz. Hugely recommended.

"A Lyon-based combo POIL were formed as an experimental rock trio by the frontman Antoine ARNERA (keyboards, vocals), Boris CASSONE (bass, vocals), and Guilhelm MEIER (drums, vocals) in 2006.

Without any limitations, prohibitions, nor traditions, they’ve combined raw madness and virtuosity evoking thoughts of avantgarde-progressive basis like Frank ZAPPA, classic essence like Frederic CHOPIN or Igor STRAVINSKY, and theatrical approaches like Charlie CHAPLIN, according to the band."

This excellent video, which I think is inventive and clever visually and musically, gives you a good taste of what they do (note : this song is not on this album, but it is so great, that we still want you to see it!)

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