Poliphony - Poliphony CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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This is an archival jazz rock that was barely released in 1973, and found its first general release 39 years later!

“The sole release by band Poliphony is an excellent example of 70's instrumental jazz-rock at it's finest. While there is nothing ground breaking here, all the tunes are well crafted and performed. You even get a bit of blues and raga in the mix. The original vinyl album was only privately released, but has been reissued on CD on the Audio Archives label. If you dig 70's jazz-rock, find a copy and pick one up!”–J. Brooks

"Very nice instrumental jazz psych record. Not too far from some of the Italian film library bands like Fourth Sensation or Psycheground or even the UK group Hungry Wolf. Some nice fuzz leads and flute. Also some jazz-tone guitar and plenty of Rhodes. I think a little more fire in the belly would have lead to a higher rating, but it's still worth tracking down. Not to be confused with the more well known US band Polyphony."-Tom Hayes
  • LabelAudio Archive
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