Polyphony - Without Introduction

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First-time ever on legit CD for this lost/obscure/rare progressive rock band from Virginia Beach, VA. This was their only release, which originally came out on a tiny label in 1971!

"This was a great, lost find in terms of early progressive rock. A trio comprised of keyboards, guitar and bass, drums and percussion, and from America, no less! This album is very comparable to the very first ELP album, and came out in 1971. Anyone who thinks (like I did) that all of America had its musical head up its you-know-what MUST get a listen to this music.
Only 4 tracks make up this one and only release by Polyphony.
1. Crimson Dagger
2. Ariel's Flight
3. Juggernaut
3. 30-Second Thing in 39 Seconds
Two of the tracks come in at 13+ and 15+ minutes each, while a third is just over 7 minutes long. The last track (humorously titled) actually clocks in at just over 1:15. The lyrics are off-kilter, enigmatic, and would fit in oh-so-well with those great British and German prog rock bands of the early 70's. If you like ELP, Genesis, or Gentle Giant, do check out this gem of a domestic release, and be proud that not all American musicians were trying to be "the next Eagles" or "the next...[whatever]"."-Robert M. Briggs III

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