Popol Vuh - Quiche Maya CD

This Popol Vuh was a Norwegian progressive rock group, established 1972, who released two albums under that name (this is the second of them) and then renamed themselves in 1974 to Popol Ace in order to avoid confusion with the German Popol Vuh!

"In 1973 Popol Vuh moved to the recordings of a second album without Pjokken Eide, who left the previous year to start an (unsuccesful) solo career. As taped on ''Quiché Maya'' (1973, Polydor) gone with him are some of the most progressive elements of Popol Vuh's debut. Although this is far from a straightforward Rock album, you can feel a downgrade in the composition/complexity level of the album, which is pretty sure it was made to please a wider audience, especially the shorter tracks contain full-blown rockin' passages, folky ballad colors and generally a more conservative style of playing.
On the other hand the band never actually abandoned the artistic, intricate instrumental work, which they were known for, the arrangements are quite clever with rhythmic changes, symphonic vibes, serious interplays and instrumental richness. Organ, Mellotron, clavinet, Moog synth, electric/acoustic guitars and, above all, compact songwriting, which combines lighter vocal-based passages with high-level musical values. The influences are multiple and for the first time folk rock has a major place in the band's repertoire. Intelligent Rock music for sophisitcated listeners.”-rym
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