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FYI: All copies in stock at this time have dinged upper left corners. Price has been lowered for now. Potemkine were a great French band who existed throughout most of the 70's and managed to release three small-press albums between 1976-78.
Foetus was their first and may be the best known, since it was released on the Pole / Tapioca imprints.
They absorbed influences from Zeuhl, fusion, avant-rock and more & fused it into a blend that was theirs alone.

“Potemkine was a French band who was influenced by Magma and the fusion giants of the early seventies. On this album they deliver a very original sound which is quite hard to classifiy. It has all the characteristics of jazz-rock/fusion of the era, but it also channels warm textures of the Canterbury sound and classical-zeuhl moments here and there - alternative fusion (if such a thing exists) [with]... choir-themed ... Recommended stuff.”-rateyourmusic
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