Pride, Mike - Betweenwhile

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"Mike Pride's From Bacteria To Boys features four of the most startling and beautiful new voices in modern jazz and blurs the lines between forward-looking, groove-based modern jazz, chant works, R&B (R. Kelly, mainly) and 20th/21st century classical music, with a singular intensity and center of focus. This is avant-garde soul music -- the credo of AUM Fidelity -- and we are very proud to present this major work. Betweenwhile is the flagship document of what these four musicians (Mike Pride, Darius Jones, Peter Bitenc, and Alexis Marcelo), as led by drummer/composer Pride, have summoned and made animate in the world over a highly-concentrated period of tireless live performance and group refinement. Its title, semi-quoted from a line in the expository intermediary Chapter 12.5 of R. Kelly's 'Trapped In the Closet' epic, alludes to the many-layered accruement between human beings operating together and towards collective goals in time/space. From Bacteria to Boys has performed their due diligence in understanding not only the rhythmic micro-realities of R&B, but its contentedly ecstatic spirit as well. It is a music indeed ecstatically alive and committed to the continuance and elevation of love and happiness through all the means that jazz music can employ."
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