Priska - La Semantique Des Rêves CD

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“Priska is a world apart. I think there is no one like her. She writes haunting melodies with a strong hook that linger in your mind. She is French born but lives in a sort of a reclusion in a small village on a river, lost in the north east of Italy, in the Alps. She is wild and sings heartfelt tunes, happy sad and very peculiar ones but she enchanted the likes of Paul Roland and Annie Brabazza and they will start collaborate in the next future.
Priska’s voice is something in a world apart, too. Sometimes she reminds the likes of Nico or Bridget St. John’s low pitch but her voice is spiced of amber and velvet. She haunted me from the first time I stumbled into her world by a weird, old fashioned handwrittem letter where she described so hunbly her self produced first album. It was so unusual that I looked for her and eventually rang her phone and say hello. We became friends and I can tell you she is bittersweet, exactly as her music, that I hope will haunt you as well.
I choose the songs for this anthology trying to explain the many sides of her songwriting. But you will hear more from such a stunning talent.”-Max Marchini, July 2021
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