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Prism are an early and long-lived Japanese fusion band, who formed in 1975 and started releasing albums in 1977.
This is their first and has long been unavailable on CD. Now it's available at a reasonable price as a special SHM release! Their first four releases are all uniformly good and would be very much of interest to any Return To Forever, Eleventh House or Brand X fan!

"A good start for Prism. The album kicks off with Morning Light, a soft and nice piece, nothing special. The second track is one of the best on the album, Cycling is more in vein with Prism' later releases and brings Watanabes bass more to the attention of the listener. Dancing Moon is more funky and quirky but also brings the saxophone into the picture. By this point it's clear that Prism consists of very talented musicians, one being actually a former member of the legendary progressive rock band Yonin Bayashi. Love Me is not a very good track, not only because of the singing which isn't too enjoyable but it's not really poor, not just as good as the rest of the album. The last tracks are all very powerful and good tracks, especially the album ending epynomous Prism."-Jazz Music Archives
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