Prism - Second Thoughts/Second Move SHM-CD

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Prism are an early and long-lived Japanese fusion band, who formed in 1975 and started releasing albums in 1977.
This is their second and has long been unavailable on CD. Now it's available at a reasonable price as a special SHM release! Their first four releases are all uniformly good and would be very much of interest to any Return To Forever, Eleventh House or Brand X fan!

"This album was a huge leap for Prism. It is the first album to really define their style. There are no weak tracks on this album, it's simply perfect. Shake your Head starts the album powerfully and promising. Daydream is a nice piece with some excellent arrangements. Both Bang Your Head and Spanish Soul are nice tracks while Crystal Night stands out as an excellent track. Slow Move has a nice feeling to it. The album ends with one of Prism's best pieces ever. The three-part, 14-minute long Beneath The Sea is an excellent showcase of the bands power, both composing and playing. There is also a prog-side to it with the way its composed. It's everything you'd want it to be, ear-catchy but challenging, fast but beautiful and long but interesting. This album is for me personally one of the best if not the best of it's release year."-Jazz Music Archives
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