Prog Collective - The Prog Collective (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Billy Sherwood / guitar, keyboards, drums, lead (5) & backing vocals, composer, production & mixing
John Wetton / lead vocals (1)
Tony Levin / bass (1)
Jerry Goodman / violin (1)
Richard Page / lead vocals (2)
Geoff Downes / keyboards solo (2)
Alan Parsons / lead vocals (3)
Gary Green / lead guitar (3)
David Sancious / keyboards solo (3)
Chris Squire / bass (3)
Annie Haslam / lead vocals (4)
Peter Banks / lead guitar (4)
Steve Hillage / guitar (5)
Larry Fast / keyboards (5)
John Wesley / lead vocals & guitar (6)
Tony Kaye / keyboards & Hammond (6)
Colin Moulding / lead vocals (7)
Rick Wakeman / keyboards solo (7)

“AWESOME!!!!!!!! This record is a must for anyone who wanted to know what all kinds of different "prog" artists would sound like if they jammed together. With this album Billy Sherwood has finally climbed out of the pseudo-prog box and established himself as a sort of Steve-Wilson persona who is somehow capable of bridging the gap between the strands of different types of prog, rock and jazz-fusion.
On one album he has brought together Jerry Goodman (Mahavishnu), John Wetton, Geoff Downes, Alan Parson, Chris Squire, Gary Green (Gentle Giant), Peter Banks, Annie Haslam, Larry Fast, Steve Hillage, Tony Levin, Rick Wakeman and Tony Kaye...I normally do not gush this much over new records theses days but dang! This one is really something. There really is something for everyone here. This is an incredibly cool record.”-a true fan on ProgArchives
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