Progenesi - Ulisse L'Alfiere Nero

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Really excellent debut "Progressive Rock Italiano" release by this group consisting of Giulio Stromendo-piano, Hammond organ, synthesizers, keyboards; Patrik Matrone-electric and acoustic guitars; Issei Watanabe-cello; Eloisa Manera-violin; Dario Biubileo-bass, Omar Ceriotti-drums. Giulio is the composer behind this release.

To be honest, for me the album starts with the weakest track; it's not bad, but it's too obviously derivative of 70s Italian progressive. Things very quickly pick up from there, with a sound that has huge elements of great, classic, Italian symphonic rock (the greatest influence I hear is PFM) but with a more modern sound ala Anglagard mixed in. It's formed from the classics but isn't mired there. I thought that this was really about as great of a symphonic progressive rock album as you will hear in 2013.

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