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NOTE: This is a very good ‘classic style’ progressive rock album and is well done. I don’t hear the Gentle Giant worship that the reviewer below hears and I think that within the framework the musicians have chosen to work within, it’s much more original than that.

“The third album of the band Proportions, After All These Years, kicks off with one of the best pipe organ-like anthems of the year. It seems to be a celebration of the music of Gentle Giant, one of Proportions favorite bands, as referenced from their press release. The band agrees that After All These Years, is the band’s “Most achieved artistic work from all members and special contribution from guests”. The album was released June 15, 2021. There are plenty of reminders of Gentle Giant and my favorite prog band, Genesis all over this work. Not copied material, but music inspired by the ‘Giants’, of progressive rock.
Proportions is: Andy Kubicki, from the USA, on bass, keyboards and orchestration; Tomas Stark, from Sweden, on keyboards, vocals, acoustic and electric guitars; Lennart Ståhle, from Sweden, on keyboards, guitars, flute, and upright bass; Denis Boucher, from Canada, on drums and percussion; and Glenn Liljeblad, from the USA, on electric guitar.
After All These Years, is full of special guest talent, including: Toby Trott, from the USA, on vocals on the track, “The Confession”; John Eyre, from the UK, on vocals on the track, “Birth”; Signe Bornemark, from Sweden, on vocals on the track, “Fading Away”; Hjordis Bornemark, from Sweden on vocals on the track, “Fading Away”; Stefan Kubicki, from the USA, on electric guitar on the track, “QuBix”, “Cube” and “La Froi”; Pierre Bordeleau, from Canada, on narration on the track “The Confession”; Sandy Kubicki, from the USA, on backing vocals on the track “After All These Years”.
Every track on this album feels like a Gentle Giant reunion. For kicks, put on classics like Gentle Giant’s “Moog Fugue”, “The Boys in the Band”, “Talybont”, or “Power and the Glory”, then switch to Proportions’ After All These Years, and tell me you don’t hear the similarities. One of my best friends loves Gentle Giant, and he and I used to always have discussions over which band, Gentle Giant or Genesis is better. I liked Gentle Giant, but they could never compete with Genesis in my book. But I do appreciate them. I actually appreciate Proportions even more.
This album is one of the more complex progressive rock albums written this year. Just check out the multiple time signature changes. Very much in the nature of their heroes Gentle Giant, if you are a fan of their work you will love this modern incantation of their sound. Another great album to put on headphones for and sit back and enjoy!”-progressiverockcentral

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