Proportions - Visions From A Distant Past

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Lennart Ståhle (Sweden) - Guitars, Flute & Keyboards.
Tomas Stark (Sweden) - Keyboards, Electric & Acoustic Guitar.
Denis Boucher (Canada) - Drums & Percussion.
Andy Kubicki (USA) - Bass, Keyboards & Orchestration.
Special guests:
Jeremy Cubert - Chapman Stick ("Double Barrel") & Synthesizer ("Telemetry Drizzle")
John Eyre - Vocals ("Seagull's Call").
Pierre Bordeleau - Vocals ("Open Door").
Stefan Kubicki - Electric Guitar ("Floorcare", "Colors of Light")
Richard Sheehy - Electric Guitar ("Temporal Induction")
Dayron Luis San Juan Muguercia - Congas ("Floorcare", "Pangaea")

PRoPoRTIoNS is an internet-based band playing original progressive music. The four members of the band have been involved in various projects for several years, and the idea of making a whole album together became natural after making a few tracks together. The idea is that any member of the band sends a rough demo to the others, and leave them free to add whatever they want. The basic structure has an originator, but the end result is a work between the four members.
PRoPoRTIoNS is about the joy of collaboration, bringing an idea to new levels. Influenced by Jazz Fusion, Prog Rock, and other "out of the box" music, this is our second journey into the cosmic musicscape and we hope you can come along!
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