Puppenhaus - Jazz Macht Spazz CD

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A completely unknown and previously undocumented but pretty great jazz-rock band! Shocking that they not only never got an album out, but that no one had heard of them before this. They definitely deserved better!

"No progressive rock music fan should be misled by the album title Jazz macht Spazz, a bowdlerization of 'jazz makes fun,' this is progressive jazz-rock at its best. Büdi Siebert (flutes and saxes), Herbert Binder (guitar), Frank Fischer (bass), later with Release Music Orchestra, Thomas Rabenschlag (keyboards) and Bea Maier (drums), later with Zomby Woof and Moira, all well trained on the instruments, played a varied, inventive, melodic and often furious kind of music with lots of Krautrock magic influenced by Frank Zappa, King Crimson, Soft Machine and Weather Report. 5 titles on this CD were recorded at German radio station SWF, 2 titles are live recordings (taped from the soundboard), all in all 77 minutes of great flute and sax playing, furious and lyrical guitar and bass work, hypnotic rhythm patterns and perfect keyboard sounds. Hard to believe that Puppenhaus never recorded an album. Digitally remastered from original master tapes. CD comes with comprehensive booklet, band story by the musicians, many photos and especially with a wonderful cover based on a painting by drummer Bea Maier. Highly recommended."
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