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This is, essentially, Pip's only solo album, as all the other albums under his name were basically bands or collaborative projects. So, this was his show and he did some things that people weren't expecting from him. If you knew Pip and his humor, you won't find that surprising at all!

"It was always clear (to me, anyway) from his compositions for Hatfield and the North or National Health that there was a lot more to Pip Pyle than just being a drummer of astonishing brilliance, and this album largely confirms it. There are a couple of tracks on it which don't really grab me (specifically "Long On" and "Shipwrecked (with idle hands)", but I would say that the album is worth buying for the beautiful "7 Sisters" alone, and there is a lot more very worthwhile music here, too. Phil Miller in particular shines amongst a cast of fabulous musicians."-M. Sommers

"Contrary to what you might expect, this isn't jazz-rock, but a collection of (mostly) wonderful songs in very different styles, similar in concept to Kevin Ayers's WHATEVERSHEBRINGSWESING or Robert Wyatt's COMICOPERA. Pip Pyle has drawn from an astonishing pool of musicians, in order to unite a number of highly disparate elements, and the result will be a very pleasant surprise to all 'Canterbury' fans.
It took Pyle about seven years to record this album and get it released (hence the title!), but 'its conception goes even further back' (he says in the liner notes) 'maybe twenty years', which means it must have been on his mind ever since the break-up of the extraordinary National Health.
A large number of 'Canterbury' stalwarts appear on the album. Apart from Pyle himself (who never once pushes his drumming to the foreground), there are significant contributions from Dave Stewart, Barbara Gaskin, Phil Miller, Richard Sinclair, John Greaves, Hugh Hopper, Elton Dean, Didier Malherbe and others.

The (almost) nine-minute opening track, 'Seven Sisters' provides us with a de facto reunion (on record, at least) of the Hatfields... Judging from this one, it seems Pip would have kept surprising us with delightful new products every four years or so (every SEVEN, perhaps?) just like Robert Wyatt now tends to do, but unfortunately Pip's untimely death (in 2006) has put an end to such hopes.
By the way, it came as a surprise to me that this album (released in 1998!) had never been reviewed here. In fact, I only found out about ITCH because it was called one of the best 'Canterbury' albums by Jonathan Coe, author of that highly readable novel, THE ROTTERS CLUB. Soft Machine, Health & Hatfield freaks, you need not hesitate: SEVEN YEAR ITCH will brighten up your day."
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