Pyramids - Aomawa: The 1970s Recordings 4 x CDs + 32 page booklet

Lalibela (1973)
King Of Kings (1974)
Birth / Speed / Merging (1976)
And the previously unreleased Live At KQUED (1975)

“The Pyramids were an early '70s Ohio band that had a novel, exciting take on the fusion concept--they combined aspects of spiritually inspired R&B/soul, free jazz, and funk with a liberal sprinkling of cosmic awareness. Their approach emphasized improvised percussion and woodwinds but with a focused, solid center.
On them, the Pyramids sound as if they wanted to link the free jazz sounds of Chicago and New York with the spiritually and politically charged R&B and funk of the period (James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, etc.). Both heady and groove-oriented, the Pyramids made music that can sweep the listener into their sound-world.”-AllMusic

“The first release to bring together the 1970s recordings of The Pyramids, led by Idris Ackamoor. As students at Antioch College, Ohio, alto saxophonist Idris Ackamoor, flautist Margaux Simmons and bass player Kimathi Asante created three lasting monuments in sound - Lalibela, King of Kings, and Birth / Speed / Merging, a trio of albums produced without any label backing or distribution between 1972 and 1976.
Their music is unique among the varied canon of avant-garde and experimental music of 1970s America: high intensity African-styled percussion topped with songs, chants, and horns, laced with African instruments and arranged into long, flowing suites that surge and roll.”
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