Quartet Diminished - Station One

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Ehsan Sadigh: Electric Guitar
Peter Soleimanipour: Bass Clarinet, Saxophones
Mazyar Younesi: Piano, Voice
Rouzbeh Fadavi: Drums

I was hipped to this quite amazing Iranian band by my friend, the Spanish drummer Vasco Trilla.
This is somewhere between ECM, Ronin, John Surman, jazz, and contemporary music and really is absolutely top-shelf stuff. You need this!

“Formed by Ehsan Sadigh in early 2013, Quartet Diminished aims to create musical moments based on its member’s individual or collaborating ideas, which ranges from ethnic folk to completely original compositions. The quartet strives to the creation of soundscapes that reflects their contemporary view towards music and promenades from the 70’s psychedelic music to native folk dances, from 20th century’s Avant-garde to contemporary jazz, from entirely defined compositions to completely improvised moments.”
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