Quartet Muartet - Dokuz Parca Daha (Nine Pieces More)

Quartet Muartet (also listed as Qu4rtet Mu4rtet) are an instrumental fusion band from Turkey. The band consists of a keyboardist on piano/Fender Rhodes/synths, guitar, bass and drums. Their first album was entitled Nine Pieces. So, of course, their follow up is entitled Nine Pieces More! Some of this really cooks and some of it is more mellow and none of it is really high-voltage, but there are a lot of musical sparks happening - just not at "Mahavishnu intensity". I've played this 4 times now and every time I do, I like it a bit more! We have a limited number of this one and we don't expect to be able to restock it when it's gone.
  • LabelAlametifarika Muzik
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