Quicksilver Messenger Service - Live At The Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco, 4th April 1968 : 2 x CDs (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“This is a wonderful document of a typical late 'sixties San Franciscan night.
The sound is absolutely excellent throughout, especially for a concert in '68 not being specifically taped for a commercial release. On my equipment the balance of the mix seems about right. I note that another reviewer complains that Cipollina is overpowered by the rest of the band but I don't find that a problem. I can hear him fine. I particularly like the fact that you can also pick up Freiburg's bass very well throughout, which is often not the case in recordings from that period, and David's bass lines are well worth paying attention to. I also reckon the vocals from Duncan and Freiburg are fairly decent for the most part. Let's face it, they are about as good as you were ever going to get on just a regular night like this. Freiburg struggles a bit with the "heaven's above" highpoint on 'The Fool" but by and large makes a pretty good fist of those high vocal parts which most male singers of the rock genre would find challenging anyway...if you are at all a fan of this legendary band, or interested in the late 'sixties San Francisco scene in general, then this is an essential purchase.”
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