Quijano, Antionio - Songs from Another Blue Planet

Antonio Quijano bass; Paul Dunmall soprano & tenor saxophones, clarinet, chanter; Philip Gibbs guitar; Marco Anderson, piano; plus Jonathan Scott, djembe on track 6.

"The Antonio Quijano Quartet is an international collaboration that explores the fringes of improvised music in a variety of settings. This creative union features musicians who are totally committed to the art of improvisation and have had the audacity to come up with a voice of their own. The players' collective credits include Alice Coltrane, Steve Vai, Johnny Guitar Watson, Eddie Gomez, John Patitucci, William Parker, John Serry & Andy Sheppard, and their own musical preferences merge to form a style where jazz, lounge, ambient and hip hop are all identifiable. So don't be surprised if free turns funky, and then funky gets swinging, because this quartet is from another blue planet."

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  • LabelSLAM
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