Quikion - Kaprico

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A co-production with Poseidon from Japan, this is a trio consisting of Totoki Yukiko-female vocals, concertina (an old folk-style accordion) harmonium & percussion, Sasaki Emi-accordion, glockenspiel, psaltery, toys, percussion & vocals and Oguma Eiji-guitar & bouzouki. As the hype says (and they pretty much nailed it) a very Japanese take on Pentangle mixed with Klimperei and Pascal Comelade. This is a 2008 release. These recordings show a distinctive Japanese stripped down sound that is both fragile and charming; if John Zorn had heard this, this would've been on Tzadik faster than you can think! If you know this typically fragile and pastel Japanese style and love accordions, you will lock yourself in a room with this in joy for a week.
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