Radio Massacre International - Diabolica (band released CDR)

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In addition to their many albums, RMI have also released a number of very limited edition CDRs. The musical and sound quality of these releases is excellent; as good as their regular releases, but do remember that these are CDRs in simple, flat packaging.

"An early brief for RMI was to be as indulgent and elongated as we liked, a luxury we still enjoy. The 40 minute title piece was recorded in early 1994 at Gary's first recording session with us in London, a session which also produced 'Upstairs/Downstairs' (and 'Drown' from 'Frozen North'), quite a day! 'Blaze Dispersion' is duo piece recorded at around the same time.
  • LabelNorthern Echo
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Probably their finest release I ever heard, this CD-R consists of mainly Frozen North outtakes, but if you think these are embarrassments that the band wouldn't dream of releasing on a proper CD, think again. Diabolica is a truly amazing CD-R and showing RMI at their most intense. The 40 minute title track starts off with some truly haunting Mellotron, and then the sequencers go into overdrive for a while before going back into ambient territory that reminds me of the closing of Tangerine Dream's Rubycon. "Blaze Dispersion" is about half as long, but another incredible piece with more great sequencer work. The Mellotron isn't as predominant as the previous piece, but the intensity is great. "Upstairs Downstairs" shows the band having fun, a more rocking piece with dominant guitar, with a "Trans-Europe Express" (Kraftwerk) percussion beat. Diabolica only proves this CD-R is every bit as good as their proper releases! A must have.
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