Radiomobel - Gudang Garam CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

“Radiomöbel was a progressive psych rock band formed 1973 in Lund, Sweden. The group released two privately pressed albums in the mid 70's, "Tramseböx" in 1975, and "Gudang Garam" in 1978. Radiomöbel had a definite Krautrock vibe to their sound, tripped out garage band guitar playing which is helped along by the lo-fi sound quality present on both albums. Their second album also has a noticeable symphonic approach to it with swirling keyboards and female vocals.”

“The band gets a bit more ambitious in their compositions, and even a little freaky. I bet at least one of them has dropped acid by now.
Nice symphonic prog with blue psychedelia and space rock, focusing on warm Swedish style atmosphere. 4 stars for that atmosphere, though this is really 3.5 stars album. Some jazzy-rocky/jamming feel too. This album is almost like a one song, depending on heavy melodics, echoing guitar and mellow synth.”-rym
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