Raeburn, Boyd - Collection 1944-48 : 2 x CDs (Mega Blowout Sale)

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For a very short while - perhaps 30-36 months - Boyd Raeburn led the most technically advanced band in the world. Starting his career playing in and then leading commercial dance orchestras during the '30s, he moved towards jazz during the early '40s. He embraced the outlook, styles and techniques of bebop and incorporated them in arrangements for his orchestra, hiring modernist arrangers and players.
He somehow lucked into one of the greatest mid 40s arrangers, Eddie Finckel and when Finckel left, he chanced upon the even more amazing and esoteric George Handy.
No major label wanted to record him because his arrangements were considered too weird for dancers, but he did manage to record for several small labels (sound familiar?) and also managed to record a number of sonically very high quality broadcasts during the band's greatest period. After one of several bankruptcies, the band was infused with cash thanks to a generous donation from famed bandleader Duke Ellington, who was an avid fan of Raeburn, but eventually the band ground to a halt for good in early 1948.
This very good, 46 track collection has some of his best work, both from his studio sessions, as well as some of his live radio recordings. Conditionally highly recommended.

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