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Rashomon - The Cameraman's Revenge: Film Music Volume 4: Soundtracks For The Films Of Ladislaw Starewicz vinyl lp + DVD (due to size and weight, this price for the USA only. Outside of the USA, the price will be adjusted as needed)

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Caveat: These copies all have the beginnings of a top seam split. It isn't terrible, but it's there.

"Rashoman is the solo project of Matt Thompson, bassist and keyboardist of Cineploit artists ZOLTAN and cosmic synth act CREMATOR. (Also a founding member of Guapo!)

�The Cameraman�s Revenge� is the 4th release under the Rashomon name, and the first on Cineploit. The earlier Rashomon albums were a mix of experimental pieces and music influenced by film composers, and with time the music has developed in a purely cinematic direction.

The music on �The Cameraman�s Revenge� was composed as two long soundtrack pieces to accompany silent movies by Russian filmmaker Ladislaw Starewicz. �The Cameraman�s Revenge� itself is an early Surrealist masterpiece from 1912, in which Starewicz animated the corpses of dead insects to tell a tale of infidelity and revenge. The soundtrack is a carnival-esque tour-de-force of folk-concrete, utilising harmoniums, jawharps, vintage synthesisers, an array of oddball percussion and more.

�The Mascot� (1933) is a bizarre and disturbing film for children, and Rashomon�s soundtrack reflects this darkness with shifting drones, ominously melodic waltzes and minimalist organ fugues over the course of its 25 minute length. Any children that ever saw this film would have been scarred for life.

On the DVD that comes with the vinyl both films are featured, accompanied by Rashomon�s music."

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