Rasmussen, Mette / Chris Corsano - A View Of The Moon (From The Sun)

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Mette Rasmussen alto saxophone
Chris Corsano drums

"Mette Rasmussen’s and Chris Corsano’s partnership continues after five years of concerts, being “A View of the Moon (from the Sun)” its second album, after “All the Ghosts at Once”. All the attraction of the two musicians for the extreme keeps very much alive and it seems now not just a process but an entire program, signaled by the title of the first track, “Many People Were Scandalized – Some Still Are”. Extreme expression, extreme timbres, extreme techniques: the Danish, but living in Trondheim, saxophonist keeps here the same attitude she has with the punk-jazz band Trio Riot and her collaborations with Cocaine Piss in the hardcore field, always pushing the envelope to the highest and the lowest notes of the alto sax, and the American drummer appears with all the energy and textural wonder he showed either with the free jazz legend Joe McPhee and with Thurston Moore, mentor of the now defunct Sonic Youth. Here you’ll find bits and pieces of several musical worlds: the most intense “new thing”, the one defined by John Coltrane and Rashied Ali in “Interstellar Space”, free improvisation derived from the encounters between Evan Parker and Paul Lytton (even considering that Corsano has more links with Mitch Mitchell than with any non-idiomatic percussionists), and what you can define as acoustic versions of electronic exploratory music. The result is mind blowing, even if you no longer get scandalized."
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