Rasmussen, Mette / Chris Corsano - All The Ghosts At Once

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“The Norway-based alto sax player Mette Rasmussen and American drummer have been performing as a duo continuously for the last two years. The duo's free-improvised music benefits from these gifted musicians accumulated experiences.
Corsano's resume stretches from free jazz legends as sax players Joe McPhee, Paul Flaherty & Akira Sakata, noise masters as Bill Nace and C Spencer Yeh to avant-pop vocalist Bjork. He represents the hyperactive, ecstatic pole in this duo. Rasmussen, now part of Mats Gustafsson’s Fire! Orchestra, has played with improvisers such as Rudi Mahall, Alan Silva, Stσle Liavik Solberg, and with her own Trio Riot, adds a more contemplative tone yet a highly commanding one and a sense of direction and narrative to this duo.
The debut album of the duo was recorded at I-Beam, Brooklyn, in October 2013. The interplay between Rasmussen and corsano sound organic, flowing and inventive, despite their different approaches. Already in the opening track. ‘Train Track’, Corsano sound as eager to dive deep into a primal, full-blown eruption of intense drumming while Rasmussen builds the tension patiently, exploring other options, before joining Corsano in an energetic ride towards the inevitable catharsis. Rasmussen minimalist sonic searches and her singing sound, especially on the short pieces, force Corsano to distill his ecstatic, powerful playing into nuanced, delicate gestures. But more often both establish a common ground in an intense forms of interplay as on the fiery ‘How Many of These Things Do We Need Anyway?’, challenging each other through brilliant, charismatic playing, reaching even moving, lyrical segments on the capricious and joyous ‘Exploding Foods’. Still, the duo expansive language seeks to liberate itself from any conventional forms of playing and searches for newer, free forms of playing, sketching abstract yet rich textures on ‘O Space Heater! My Space Heater!’ and on the closing piece, ‘Yesterday’s Teenyboppers Are Today’s Republicans’.
Rasmussen's and Corsano's profound understanding of the liberating power of free, creative music is impressive. Strongly recommended.”-Eyal Hareuveni / Free Jazz Blog
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