Rational Diet - On Phenomena and Existences

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Third and best release yet from this fine RIO-styled chamber-rock ensemble from Belarus who have really hit their stride here. They are a 7 piece of Vitaly Appow-bassoon, Maxim Velvetov-guitars, Cyrill Christya-violin, Olga Podgaiskaja-keyboards, vocals, Anna Ovchinnikova-cello, Dmitry Maslovsky-bass and Nikolay Semitiko-drums. Their press release claims influences of: Shotakovich, Stravinsky, Webern, Ives, Henry Cow, Art Bears, Univers Zero, Present and Debile Menthol. Check! Check! and DOUBLE check!

"On Phenomena and Existences points in the same direction of the previous 'At Work', of which inherits the complexity and some rocklike tones. The band from Belarus offers again, in a more mature and articulated way if possible, the love for the Russian Twentieth century big names (Stravinsky and Shostakovich above all, but also Bartok and Prokofiev) filtered through the most evoluted rock and, as usual, without compromises. The atmosphere of the songs, effectively dotted by the unmistakable voice of Olga Podgaiskaja (also composer), is unquiet, sleepwalking-like, sometimes grotesque, underlined by Daniel Charms and other Russian avant-garde poets’ lyrics. In a band of unquestionable technical value, in particular Anna Ovchinnikova (cello) and Cyrill Christia (violin and composition) stand out, always in the balance between virtuosity and more crepuscular mood."
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